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Robs Magic Shocks

Robs Magic Shocks

The original shock absorbers and coil springs designed and developed by Rob Collinge whilst racing in the East African Classic Safari Rally. These shock absorbers have won 14 rhino charges, and enabled Rob Collinge to win the East African classic safari rally in 2003 and 2005. Made for Africa the suspension is oiled and long lasting with a warranty of 30.0000 Km or 1year.

Robs Magic - Truck Shock Absorbers

Produced to Rob’s Magic own specification to ensure the best durability, ride comfort and road holding. Our Truck Shocks are made with only the largest and strongest components. We have heavy duty Truck Shocks, specifically valved for the African Market (suppliers to General Motors East Africa Ltd). Cabin shocks for European trucks such as Mercedes Actros and Renault Kerax are also available.

  • It’s the only shock absorbers designed specifically for African conditions
  • Piston ranges from 40mm – 52 mm with 16-20 mm shaft sizes
  • Supplementary welded eyes and pins.
  • Viton oil seals
  • High temperature fluid.
  • Up-rated damping for airbag and parabolic spring application.
  • Oversize bushing



Koni adjustable shock absorbers will deliver optimum road holding and comfort, both on and off road. Tested under extreme conditions to satisfy the highest off road demands regarding safety, stability and grip.



For over 50 years now, the original mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers have come from their founding source – BILSTEIN – and used in practically every car model of recent decades. The product benefits at a glance:

• Constant damping power under any load

• High power reserves for maximum safety

• Drive as though it’s the first time, every time

• High OEM quality

• BILSTEIN gas pressure technology

• Excellent comfort and perfect driving

• Lightning-quick reactions to road and vehicle conditions characteristics

Shox Shop

Shox Shop

Shox Shop is the little brother to Robs Magic, this gas suspension was developed by Rob Collinge as an aordable alternative to the Robs Magic suspension. The quality remains high, but the costing is lower. Shox Shop comes with a one year or 20,000 Km warranty and is available for most Toyota saloons, hatchbacks and Nissans.

XGS Gold Shocks

XGS Gold Shocks

The TJM XGS Gold Gas 4WD Shock Absorber range is 100% designed and engineered in Australia with sensitive damping, an exclusively designed valve with Teon banded piston, to improve the ride, handling, and safety characteristics of the vehicle.These features allow the TJM XGS Gold Gas Shock Absorber to adjust more rapidly to changing road, o road aweight conditions better than any other 4WD shock absorber


Kayaba Shock Absorbers

• Multi-lip oil seal extends life.

• Teflon coated bushing reduces wear.

• Hard chromed piston rod reduces friction.

• Pressurized nitrogen gas reduces foaming and aeration dramatically for better performance.

• Rebound cushion prolongs life.

• All-weather fluid.

• Wear resistant piston ring reduces leakage.

• Compression valve self-adjusts for fast recovery.


Kings Coil Springs

Kings Coil Springs

  1. Specifically designed for African conditions.
  2. Produced to Rob’s Magic own specification to ensure the best durability, ride comfort and load handling.
  3. Our coil springs are linear-rate type constructed from a single thickness of wire with equal spacing between the coils and have a constant deflection rate (spring rate) regardless of the load.
  4. Safeguards the life of your shock absorbers car since our coil springs have a higher rate (implying they won’t work the shocks so hard).
  5. Ideal for regular usage, sport suspension packages and heavy-duty applications since they have a heavier rating for heavy axles as well.

TJM XGS Leaf Springs

TJM XGS Leaf Spring

• TJM XGS heavy duty springs of multi-leaf design.

• Using high grade BHP steel, each spring is pre-stressed to eliminate the possibility of sagging.

• These springs are available in either medium or heavy duty load carrying capacities.

• TJM XGS U-Bolts are matched in length to the increased stack height of the TJM XGS Leaf Spring range and should be used when installing TJM XGS Leaf Springs.


Polyurethane is an ideal material for making into suspension bushes. Its combination of high tensile strength and elasticity translates into immense durability in the toughest conditions. Polyurethane Bushes have excellent resilience, springing back in to shape effortlessly to absorb shock and prevent dirt ingress and wear. Lastly, it doesn't age or perish - rubber bushes both perish and are attacked by oils and fuels.


  1. Impressive and Confident Ride
  2. Excellent Noise Damping
  3. Sharper Turn in - Predictable Cornering
  4. Controlled Suspension Movement
  5. Reduced Body Roll
  6. Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications
  7. Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resilience
  8. Fit & Forget - Excellent Longevity

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