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Pirelli Tyres

Founded in 1872, Pirelli is the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer based on revenues. With a presence in over 160 countries, the company now has 22 tyre manufacturing facilities on five continents and employs over 37,000 people.

Pirelli is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end and performance tyres, and is striving to become the world leader in this segment by 2015. The company has always had a keen focus on research and development, investing around 3% of revenues each year in this area: one of the highest levels of research investment in the tyre industry. The goal is to constantly improve the quality of Pirelli products in terms of performance, safety and environmental impact, all in line with the company’s ‘green performance’ strategy. In pursuing these objectives, Pirelli always aims to unite financial profitability with social responsibility.

Having been involved in motor racing since 1907, Pirelli is currently the single tyre manufacturer for Formula 1™ for the 2011-2013 championship seasons and for the World Superbike Championship. This is an important challenge in terms of technological innovation and is a key means of promoting the Pirelli brand.

The excellence of our products, the popularity of the Pirelli Calendar, our prestigious involvement in Formula 1™ and the company’s involvement in the fashion industry all contribute to the success of our brand throughout the world, such that Interbrand has estimated its value at €2.27 billion.


Dunlop, feeling the road for more than 120 years

It was back in 1888 that John Boyd Dunlop, a Scottish vet living in Belfast, replaced the solid tyres on his son’s tricycle with thin rubber strips, glued together and inflated with air. It was the first step along the road of a brand that was to provide some of the world’s best known products.

Little did J.B. Dunlop realise at the time that in fashioning those makeshift tyres, he would revolutionise transport across the planet. How many of us still realise today, for instance, that we owe much of our driving pleasure and safety on the road to a little child on his trike?

Today, the pneumatic tyre is more than 120 years old. Dunlop celebrates its enduring success and the unique role that the brand has played in pioneering and enhancing the performance of tyres through the years.

The history of Dunlop tyres is inextricably linked with the innovations introduced by the company. This history goes hand in hand with Dunlop’s commitment to motor-racing competition in all its forms, because the transfer of racing technology to tyres for everyday driving on the road is a genuine tradition that goes right back to the earliest days of the Dunlop tyre company. And over the course of more than 120 years, Dunlop has achieved exceptional results on the race track, including 34 victories in the famous Le Mans 24-Hour car endurance race.

At the present time, Dunlop continues to be involved right across the world in a whole range of sports on two and four wheels. For more than 120 years, the innovations pioneered by Dunlop and the company’s success in motorsport have enabled the brand to build up an unparalleled reputation among car and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Good Year

Good Year Tyres

Every Goodyear tyre has more than one hundred years of safety-driven innovation behind it. We’re committed to making tyres safer, longer lasting, and kinder to the environment. With Goodyear, you get performance and peace of mind as standard.

Safety together
As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, tyres play a vital role in driving safety. Goodyear is at the forefront in developing new technologies that help to keep you secure on every journey. From compound polymers that deliver better grip and braking, to tread patterns that keep working when worn, we’re dedicated to delivering products you can trust.

A tradition of innovation
At Goodyear, we’re always looking ahead. We’ve been advancing tyre technology since 1898 – producing the tyres for the first Ford Model T, playing our part in land speed records, and crafting the first tyre to land on the moon. Along the way, we’ve pioneered technologies that have been used in everything from aircraft to artificial hearts. We’re continually crossing boundaries to make our products better, which means you’ll always get a tyre based on the very best of our research.

Kinder to the planet
Goodyear technologies are helping to protect the planet too. Our latest tyres last longer, use fewer natural resources, and reduce fuel consumption. With our recent advances in renewable biomass materials, we’re working to reduce our impact further and help you leave a smaller footprint.


CSA Alloy Wheels is a proud Australian Company with over 100 Years experience in the supply of wheels to the automotive industry. CSA Wheels suit most Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and Isuzu models among others.

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